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August 26, 2009


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Messy Guru

Larry, Hi and thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. I look back and see that I wrote that in 2009! It is true in my experience. I am not saying that it is in others. They can tell you how they feel and I trust their answer. BK is looking at "stressful thought" and in my case it was RAGE. The abuse had stopped in my Reality and I raged on.

I feel so much more complete having done The Work, along with a lot of yoga, meditation, blogging, etc.

I appreciate your opinion.


Just came across your blog as a result of seeing Byron Katie's statement on her Facebook page. Here's some excerpts of my responses snd a few others:

The person (adult, child) who is raped and tortured (victimized for real), is automatically violent? Is it true Katie? More blaming the victim? People's actual victimization, including our own when it happens, against our will, is incredibly inconvenient for us and others, and requires great compassion, not blame or judgment.

If she's referring to getting stuck along the way in the process of healing from victimization, and somehow laying that on others, or making others (or ourselves) pay for previous victimization, or not being able or willing to move past blaming, that could be a constructive discussion to have, to look at. She didn't seem to be interested in that with this incredibly simplistic statement. Sounds like more, 'if you didn’t believe ‘your story’, ‘your thoughts’ you would not be suffering the after effects of victimization'. Or, the notion that you were victimized, was ‘just your story’.

Extraordinarily uncompassionate in the name of ‘enlightenment’, 'freedom from suffering'.

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