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September 02, 2011


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This is so similar to my liife in the falc I cried like a baby. I left the church and when trying to explain the pSychological, spiritual, sexual, and emotional abuse and damage it left me. The real world sees me as the myrtyr, seing the wirld in a different light, so unbelievable Im lieing! Thank you for this! Just knowing Im not alone and how you turned out supports me in knowing I am NORMAL!!


I made a typo in my posting.....I meant to say that those who abuse others SHOULD NOT be able to hide.


Carl, are you able to share the names of the abusers with us so that we know who to watch out for and who to warn others of? My heart goes out to you and to all of the others that have been abused. If you don't want to share those names here, you could send me a private conversation via facebook. People that abuse others should be able to hide...their names should be posted on huge outdoor bulletin boards with their faces on them for all to see. Audrey


I'm reading with goosebumps racing up and down my spine. I'm so sorry for what you went through. I appreciate the courage it takes to go public with your story. Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability.

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The value of posts like this is not to change the minds of the elders...but to crack into the minds of the young parents. The seed will be planted, they now have some knowledge, it will hopefully take root and continue to grow. It is my hope they will read and won't deny what has been laid out. Maybe take a second look and question. Maybe not turn a blind eye. Maybe help protect their own or help them heal if it comes to that. Our children are young now and it is past time for all the young children to be safe. Thank you for having the courage to share your story and I believe it will help others. Thank you


Very well said. I shared this post with several others; it needs to be spread far and wide, in yet another attempt to reach someone who might finally hear. I understand that some truly have no idea of the scope of the abuse, but soon there won't be any excuse for them to say 'I didn't know'.
Beth, what you said at the end of your comment reminds me of that place in the Bible where it says that people will say 'peace, peace, when there is no peace'.


Beautiful and Powerful Carl.


Wow Carl, powerful stuff...I cried too. Thank you for this.

I M Perfect

Brilliantly tragic, profoundly honest and extremely frustrating. We are talking to the people who won't hear, and I, like you, fear for the children walking behind us, hoping against hope, someone will be brave and do the uncommon thing.

We are speaking for the silent ones suffering.

We are saying what they are trying to say.

We are hoping an Adult voice without an agenda, will be heard.

Thanks Carl for saying what you needed to say. And thanks for making the calls, doing the emails, knocking on the souls of many trying to spare but one boy.

For each time we reach out and ask a question and get no response, our 'faith' in the 'friends' of the past crumble and fall on the floor flat.

Our faith in things changing, in children being spared, falls lower and lower...

Oh My God people, what will it take to wake you up out of your apathy???

As Carl said, a man who hasn't been near the church in 30 years, made a couple of phone calls and was up to his neck in abuse, victims and indifference!

Imagine what would happen IF everyone who ever associated with an FALC person were to do the same?

My greatest fear is no one will ask.
No one will hear.
And no one will care.

Yet all say to each other "God's Peace."

How is there peace with so much abuse, I'd question that saying and who you are saying it to.


This made me cry.
Beautiful words.
Horrible facts.
All true...

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