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June 25, 2012


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I M Perfect

For survival as a child who was sexually abused, the mind took you to a new reality. You grew up there....and didn't know, you left it ONLY in YOUR MIND.

And now you are trying to get your life back without the mind stepping in first.

What we have called 'normal' has been folks who live a life that doesn't reflect reality.

As David Hawkins writes about the 10,000 of a second that the mind slips in front of you.

Also, the man who wrote the "Eight Habit" he was writing about expanding the space between reality and your awareness. How in people with trauma in their backgrounds, there is simply no space. But, you can stretch that back.

As you are doing so much yoga, you are weakening the mind's 10,000 of a second response....and expanding the space and bringing the mind back to the body, which is the hardest thing to do....by doing yoga.

Bringing the mind here, we have to grab it before the 10,000 of a second.

When I discovered that my mind had my reality all wrong, I no longer believed it. It could and would tell me anything....and it had nothing to do with my general well being, happiness, let alone the soul of who I am.

You are doing an awesome job bringing your mind back to your body.

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