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June 17, 2012


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Carl Huhta

Thank you Beth! So true.

I M Perfect

The distance between living as carl and living as Carl is a journey of a million sorrows....and you made it.

You crashed down every illusion to sit with the raw truth.
You acted. You spoke. You confronted and stood tall.
You corrected and released. You sat with addictions and overcame.

You wanted to know the truth...and you did in each relationship.

The greatest task of surviving abuse isn't the physical healing, but in rescuing the truth...and getting out from underneath the story we imprinted in our mind to survive acts of terror in childhood. It was either create a new reality OR KNOW we are not safe, there is no one to trust, and no one wants to be with our true Self.

What I find so enthralling, is in the end, or so it seems, we have to leave our whole life in order to reclaim it.

You have to die in order to live.
And do so while alive.
I am in awe of your journey.
I am honored to be a part of it.
On Father's day, you Fathered yourself by honoring your truth.

Carl Huhta

Thanks Leah. I like the Carl and carl phrasing.


Once again Carl and carl, I am so honored to witness your growth. SO honored.

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