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August 26, 2014


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Lori June

My heart breaks for that little boy...

All I can say is I am so sorry. And congratulate you on finding your strength and health.

much love

Joan Miron

I have many words to describe the conversation we had concerning the white picnic table and the flash of your 4-year old little boy's innocent being. I will hold my 4-year old grandson in my arms this weekend and know that he can trust me completely as he should be able to. In my own way I will be honoring you at the same time. I will cherish my memory with Connor and think of the wonder you had at the innocent moment of listening to the radio. You are that joyful little soul who has gone back to reclaim that moment in time. That innocent memory is the reality and the truth of who and what you are, Carl. My life has been so enriched by knowing both you and Beth. Thank you.

beth Jukuri

Most would like us to just remember the "good times" to go forward with the positive, to leave behind the past. And in doing so, it will preserve the character of the man who listens to baseball games and shares his transistor radio with his 4 year old nephew….a nice Uncle Russell.

In this space of everyone thinking and acting like he is a 'nice man' there is no room for a child's horrific experience of him. Who will listen and who will hear and then, who will kick Nice Uncle Russell out of the family?

And a four year old doesn't even have words to articulate not only what happened, but the feelings of terror.

Getting back to the place of "before abuse" takes you down a journey of a million sorrows. Priceless to see and feel the before…for that is what we brought to the abuse event. We came with our love and trust…and innocence.

Innocence "not knowing" what abuse was. We couldn't orchestrate an event we knew nothing about. It existence didn't exist until it was introduced to us by someone we trusted and loved.

I looked up "Innocence"….Lack of guile or corruption. Lack of experience with the world and the bad things that happen in life.

The little boy is only no longer innocent, because now he has experience with abuse. Uncle Russell is responsible for sexual abuse to a child of 4.

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