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November 23, 2015


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Lori June

through your words, I feel the weight of your torment leaving...and I am so happy you have found that place...

Happy Birthday and good for you!

Joan Miron

Beautiful Carl! This work has helped you turn another corner, releasing you from more of the hidden agenda of the past. Now you are free to understand yourself at a new level and others. Pain is pain, you have yours and she has hers. Every time you have shared your pain with me, I gain a deeper realization of my own past and it gives me courage and freedom to choose to expose it. When I expose it and ask for understanding and clarity, it doesn't mean I always get it or accept it immediately. I guess that is what our journey really means...going around corners, sometimes hiding in the caves of blame or fears and then finding a way out again because we know there is a safer and loving place beyond. However, we do have to go through it all each segment of our life. You are on my list of gratitude today and every day. You are living in the present and not beyond each time you relinquish the fear, judgment and anxiety the future wants you to dwell in. I am beginning to enjoy the present as never before. Each day is a new chance for me to let go and let God. Joanie

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