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January 08, 2017


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Joan M. Miron

Carl, I just read your blog. I'm teary eyed right now listening to "Imagine" as I digest what you shared. This song is so close to my heart. This was the song played at my Co-Dependent retreat back in 1989 or 1990. I cried then and I cry now for the relief and hope it gives me. I have to always have hope and I believe freeing ourselves from any resentment does release the fears, the dark space our mind wants us to retreat to. I am learning to hold myself responsible for me, my life because I know it is creating a stronger, safer me, a content me and a kinder me. Love, Joanie

Lori June

With grace you move forward into health and peace... and in this moment you are wonderful. it is with appreciation for your writing that I find glimmers of hope and much inspiration. Your good work is showing my dear friend.

Thank you. hugs. love.

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